How to set the text color and text foreground color in Emacs org-mode

Publish date: Jun 9, 2022
Tags: Tech


I wanted to change the text and background colors in Org-mode. I have changed the Markdown text and background colors before. So I tried to remember how to do that, but I forgot, so I looked it up.
This blog is a reminder.

This is Org-mode before the change.

The color of the level 1 headline is red, and the color of the level 2 headline and link is the same blue. It is very difficult to see.

I will change the level 1 headline to a pretty pink color and the color of the link to a more obvious color.

Check the Face name

Place the cursor over the area you wish to examine and type the following command.

M-x describe-face

Then the following will appear in the minibuffer.
Describe face (default ‘org-level-1’):

Show list of Face

Now that you know the Face name, display the list of faces.

M-x list-faces-display

Look for org-level-1.
Click on the Face name you want to edit.
ex. org-level-1

Edit text color and text foreground color

Click Apply to try it out, or Apply and save to save it.
By the way, here is the cutest color combination I could think of.

Very cute.


I changed the color of the link. It is much easier to see.